Always a fan of the 'onomies, 'ographies, and 'ologies, "Photology" seemed like a fitting name for my photography work. Photology is the study of light and its effects, particularly with respect to therapeutic applications. Photography itself is a creative + technical balancing act between art and science -- how to let in just enough light in just the right manner to reach the lens and replicate a moment in time. A way to capture and relive a moment of an adventure or a particular time or place that I was lucky enough to enjoy.

By day, I advise governments and industries on global risks -- geopolitical, cyber, and transnational crime. I help shape policy and cultivate global partnerships to tackle security issues in a complex world. I love what I do, but exploration far off the beaten and photographic art is my escape from the challenges of this world into its extraordinary beauty.

Although I've worked a number of disciplines, I consider the natural world to be my primary focus -- landscapes, unique locations, and the stars and skies above. Unlike people, landscapes don't grow impatient or move around on me and I can take my time with each shot! But moreover, the environments we find ourselves in are as varied as the cities or fields in which we work, the oceans we sail, the caves we crawl, or the mountains we trek. The environment all around us is the context for our time in this world. It is a place from which we seek inspiration or solace, and a place that itself seems to speak to each of us privately, yet universally tying us all to a common heritage and purpose.

Some of my work has been published, and other pieces enjoyed by thousands online. Whether you have come here just to see my work or to purchase beautifully mounted or framed prints for your workplace or home, I am grateful for your interest and welcome you to Photology.

If you have any questions or just wish to say hello anytime, please never hesitate to contact me.


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Daniel Trimble

Photology, LLC

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