Photography is a window into both soul and time -- moments shared, the people we encounter, experiences gone by, and our hopes for the future. It's a form of art that speaks to nearly all of us on some level. I've designed my licensing policies to reflect this belief that the photographic experience should be readily available and easily shared, while commercial use helps assure the financial means to continue traveling and photographing the world and skies around us.

For free personal, education, nonprofit, and licensed commercial use guidelines, please see as follows.

Personal & Education -- Creative Commons License

To facilitate ease of access and sharing, all images available under this policy are available as high-resolution downloads on my site. Under this Creative Commons License, you are free to:

   •   Download, share, copy, distribute, or transmit the image

   •   Create derivative works based on the image

However, to make these images freely available for personal or educational use, there are important requirements:

   •   Attribution to Photology or Dan Trimble must be made along with the image, and a link or URL reference to be included

   •   Non-Commercial -- the image must not be used for commercial purposes under any circumstances.

   •   No printing for display -- mounting, framing, or hanging in private homes or workplaces

   •   No inclusion in libraries or catalogs of images distributed to others

For clarity on what defines commercial use, please see the Sample Accepted Uses below.

Personal use in a classroom for any non-commercial use is allowed under this policy. Inclusion in educational materials, videos, text books, and other formal curricula sold or provided to schools is considered commercial use.

Sample Acceptable Personal/Educational Use

   •   Social media or blog post highlighting photography, describing a trip or experience, etc.

   •   Online articles or academic journals

   •   Usage in a classroom project or photography class, either as a student or a teacher

   •   An individual using an image as computer or mobile device wallpaper

   •   A 501(c)(3) non-profit using an image in a brochure or public benefit program

Non-Profit Use -- Depends

Non-profit use by a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit entity generally falls under the same policy as personal use above. Except for use in fundraising or political campaigns, 501(c)(3) non-profits may use any image under the Creative Commons License terms above.

For fundraising, political, or any non-501(c)(3) use, please see the commercial usage guidelines below.

Commercial Use -- Licensed

"Commercial Use" regarding the use of images online or offline is defined broadly. The determination of commercial or non-commercial use is based on the contextual use of the image. Though these may or may not be mitigating factors, the determination is not solely based on the tax-filing status of the entity using the image, nor on whether or not a financial transaction takes place.

Commercial use of an image is allowed only if expressly granted by Photology, LLC, Dan Trimble, or one of its assigned representatives. With some exceptions, all commercial uses will incur a licensing fee. Our fees are based on the following criteria:

   •   Media, such as billboard, print, web, television, etc.

   •   Distribution, including number of copies printed, viewing audience size, exposure (regional, national, international), etc.

   •   Length of use – 1 year, 2 years, 15 years, perpetual, etc.

   •   Prominence or positioning of the image relative to other content – 1/4 page, 1/2 page, full page, spread, front cover, back cover, home page (online), interior page (online), etc.

Sample Commercial Uses Likely Requiring a License

   •  Creating one or more individual prints for use in a private home, office, or other facility

   •   Marketing campaigns or product packaging

   •   Fundraising campaigns or a rally by nonprofits and political entities

   •   Use as part of the design of a website or in the content of a website that generates revenue

   •   Inclusion in an academic textbook, video, or other formal curricula (some exceptions may apply)

Licensing Inquiries

Please contact me any time with questions or requests for more details. The contact form is available under the About menu above.

My thanks to the awesome Trey Ratcliff for inspiring my change in heart over licensing and the policy guidance.

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